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Blogs are all we do, and we take them very seriously. Our clients trust us to create and support the blogs that help them speak to the world. We’ve helped clients tackle hundreds of WordPress challenges, from simple installations and maintenance to managing mission-critical corporate blogging operations. We’ve done it all before – but we still approach every problem with the right custom solution.

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We work with some of the biggest stars of the blogosphere.

With a growing roster of blogs as a crucial element of its customer and developer relations, Adobe outsourced its blog operation to Blog Consulting. In 2009 we upgraded all 330 of Adobe's blogs to the latest version of Movable Type, and moved them to our high availability cluster.

In 2010 we helped Adobe migrate total of 1,200 blogs from Movable Type to WordPress. The project was successfully completed within 2 months.

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National Geographic wanted to launch a new online community for the National Geographic Channel, and it approached Blog Consulting to assist with the project.

Working under a tight schedule, we helped launch the project on time and on budget, and the client attributed the project’s success in large part to its interactions with our team.

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Harvard Business Publishing wanted to find a one stop shop for all of its blog-related needs.

Blog Consulting migrated its blogs to one of our high availability clusters, upgraded its Movable Type installation to the latest version and continues to provide blog support on a daily basis.

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O’Reilly Media is a popular destination for how-to content. With over 2 million visitors and 6 million page views a month, O’Reilly needed a reliable partner to host and support its WordPress platform.

Blog Consulting designed a number of custom features for O’Reilly’s readers, optimized its blog templates and converted them to work with the latest version of WordPress. We now host all of O’Reilly’s blogs, and continue to support them.

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SAP – the world’s leading provider of business software solutions wanted to outsource its blog operation to Blog Consulting. Our team migrated their blog setup from an older version of WordPress MU to WordPress 3.0 Multisite.

During the migrating process we created a blog theme that matched SAP's overall marketing and branding. SAP outsources all their blog support requests to our consultants, available 24 hours a day.

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Dolby Laboratories was looking to expand their online presence and reach out to their consumers in a broader scale. They approached Blog Consulting to help them start their first blog.

Taking on this task, we needed to match the blog design to Dolby's overall branding. They now have a fully functioning blog that captures the look and feel that is Dolby. Blog Consulting also hosts and supports the Dolby blog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Looking to offer more to their readers, Fanhattan approached Blog Consulting for help building an interactive WordPress based TV Guide. With our help, their users are now able to add TV shows to their wish lists and sync them to their iOS apps through Facebook.

A step futher, their site now has an infinitive scrolling feature to displaying various TV shows which can be sorted by TV network.

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